I absolutely need Slax

written by Tomas M. 8 years ago

In the last years, I didn't release any new version of Slax. Mostly due to lack of time, since my business and family occupies me a lot. However, there were several occasions when I regretted that. I realized that I need Slax myself at the first place.

That was the reason Slax started back in 2002, and it is again the reason why Slax should re-born in 2011. I need it. I need it so much. You know, there are situations one needs to start some Linux somewhere. Old Slax is no longer reasonable for any serious work, it's outdated, kernel doesn't support most new drivers. Hardware is so different now with all those SSD drives and TV tuners. One needs newest kernel. And one needs small Linux distro. I, at least, need it.

I have to build one. Again.
So be it.

Tomas M.

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