Why Slackware?

written by Tomas M. 7 years ago

I keep asking myself several times a year, why do I keep using Slackware? Are those *buntu and *hat distributions useless? I was thinking really hard about this. Am I so dumb to learn any different distro? Wouldn't it be better? Slackware is maintained by just one main developer and if he goes bad, wouldn't I be screwed? The dependencies are so unclean in Slackware, for example 'normalize' package requiring something which requires mesa, ... that is completely mad.

However, I think I'm tied up with Slackware for two reasons.

1) startup scripts. I know how those work in Slackware and it is not of my interest to learn new and ever-changing methods of booting used in other distros (upstart? systemd?)

2) packaged software without patches. It happens just very rarely that Slackware bundles any patches for precompiled software. Packages are mostly distributed in the way the initial developers intended, without any mad modifications. I remember installing lilo in ubuntu just to find out there is /bin/lilo.real or something like that, and the /bin/lilo is just a script wrapper, for a reason completely beyond my understanding.

Those two reasons make me stick with Slackware, yet even to many objections I could think of AGAINST Slackware.

Tomas M.

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