Slax 7 release candidate 1

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

I'm releasing the newest Slax 7 build as a release candidate 1. It has KDE4 with many applications from kde network, kde multimedia, kde games, pidgin IM, FireFox, MPlayer and more, the entire system fits 183MB for the 32bit and 188MB for the 64bit variant, and runs perfectly fine on boxes with 256MB of RAM and more. This is most likely the version which contains all the programs for final Slax release. Development tools are still missing though.

Wait, there is more!

Before I show you the download links, I'd like to remind you about the opportunity to get Slax on a cool USB device when it is released. If you wish to support Slax or just give a cool present to some of your friends, get Slax 7 on the most stylish USB Flash Drive available nowadays: Kingston DataTraveler SE9.

  • Stylish metal casing
  • Small form factor
  • Easily attaches to your keys
  • High durability
  • Slax 7 preinstalled, ready to go
  • PDF manual explaining Slax internals
  • Device capacity 16GB

  • The price is set to only $25 including worldwide shipping, fair enough.
    Shipping will start at the beginning of December, so estimated delivery time is December 15, should be soon enough before Christmas.

    If you are interested in getting such awesome device with such awesome OS on it, fill in your email address below. You're not going to pay anything yet, you'll just join google group called "slax-preorder" so I could send you instructions how to actually make your order later, probably at the beginning of December.

    Preorder Slax today, enter your email:

    Please join the group only if you are really interested in purchasing the device with Slax, so I could see a rough estimate of actual demand, to be able to prepare for it.

    Download current Slax release

  • Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 32bit ISO - 184MB (for CD/DVD) *
  • Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 32bit ZIP - 184MB (for USB) *
  • Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 64bit ISO - 189MB (for CD/DVD) *
  • Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 64bit ZIP - 189MB (for USB) *

  • * links updated on 2012-11-08

    Thank you very much for using Slax!

    Tomas M.

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