Slax RC1 updates

written by Tomas M. 5 years ago

I'd like to thank you all for your feedback regarding the latest Slax release. I received a lot of suggestions and bug reports. I've updated Slax now and you can download todays build from the links below.

Download current Slax release:
  • Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 32bit ISO - 184MB (for CD/DVD)
  • Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 32bit ZIP - 184MB (for USB)
  • Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 64bit ISO - 189MB (for CD/DVD)
  • Slax 7 - KDE 4 - 64bit ZIP - 189MB (for USB)

  • Changelog includes:

    - fixed (typo in realpath call)
    - added ModemManager
    - updated KDE and all apps to version 4.9.3
    - added support for mounting Windows shares (samba) in KDE

    I've also updated links in the previous RC1 post in order to let people download this new release since there are lots of websites linking to that older post. Furthermore I've replaced TAR by ZIP, since that's probably easier for some people to extract. In Linux, simply use unzip.

    Tomas M.

    (c) 2018, Tomas M; rss