Slax Android app on Google Play

written by Tomas M. 7 years ago

If you're interested in running Slax from your android phone, you may find this Android app useful. It just downloads the latest version of Slax (32bit) to your phone's SD card and prints instructions what you should do further in order to make it bootable. Unfortunately this part can't be set up by the application itself since it would require root privileges.

You can get the application from Google Play, simply search for 'slax installer'. No ads, no bullshit. Enjoy! :)

I have to say that it's not a simple task to make the application available in google's market, the application must provide versioning information, it has to be compiled for release, self signed, zip aligned, and who knows what else... and finally google takes $25 as a welcome fee.

Yet it seems to be still simple enough for some evil people to publish evil applications at low cost. I thought that there will be some review process by google, but that didn't happen, as far as I can tell. By default google forbids the user to install application from unknown sources, but this security seems almost unnecessary, since from my point of view the google market is the same unknown source as any other, potentially filled by dangerous apps. Slax installer should be safe, yet I didn't write it myself (it was a paid job) so feel free to try it and report any damage! :)

Tomas M.

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