Website updates coming soon

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

Slax is almost finished, but the operating system itself is just a half of the story. Usable Website is the same important. The current web requires major rewrite too. It's unusable on many mobile devices and it doesn't provide the features I need for the upcoming Slax release. Nice website is the core part of marketing strategy and it is of course very important for Slax as well.

Don't take me wrong, I am sure we could live with ugly site too, but having nice and usable web is always better, you can trust me on this :)

The process of rebuilding the website is great opportunity for me to learn something new. Today, I'm learning twitter bootstrap. Twitter what? :) It's a Design Framework. In fact it is a very smart CSS file (plus some optional javascripts) which makes HTML coding fun and effective. Furthermore, the final site layout adapts automatically to different screen resolutions, making it usable on mobile devices as well as full HD screens, which is a must for modern website.

Twitter's bootstrap is really awesome. I should be able to publish some live Slax site examples soon.

Tomas M.

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