Weekly update #12

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

I can see I didn't write many blog posts last week, yet still I made some noticeable progress, as far as I can see from my changelog.

I was primarily improving Slax after testing on some other computers. I noticed that phonon remembers devices on current computer and then complains if the user runs Slax on another computer that the previously discovered devices are missing. This is somehow unwanted so I've added a reset function which makes phonon forget previous state. The user knows he is on a different computer, so he doesn't need to be reminded by annoying dialog.

There were some file permissions set incorrectly in Slax due to a mistake I've made. It was no problem for default Slax user, which is root, but if a regular user account was used, it wasn't even able to access /etc configuration files at all. To my surprise, AUFS checks permissions on all branches, so even if the topmost branch has correct perms, some lower branch may break things. This is now fixed by providing the very same (sane) permissions for /etc.

The kdm desktop manager, which I am using to autostart KDE session in Slax, is somehow mad. It wants to log some debug info all the time, which nobody needs actually. I set it to put the infos to /dev/null, but kdm removed the null device and recreated it is a regular file. Silly kdm. So it was necessary to convince kdm to stop logging but not to remove /dev/null. I've actually resolved it by specifying that it should log to /tmp. And since it's a directory, which can't be removed (since it's not empty), it gives up the logs.

Lastly, I've updated Linux Live Kit (a set of my own scripts which I base Slax on) to support boot parameter from=/path/slax.iso. This way, it is possible to run Slax even from an ISO file, which may be located on any disk. Slax will search all disks until /path/slax.iso is found. While I was on this task, I noticed Copy to RAM feature didn't work well in combination with from=, so it's now fixed as well. Finally, if persistent changes is enabled at the same time as Copy to RAM, Slax copies its data to RAM and keeps the device mounted to put persistent changes to it, as you would expect (it wasn't able to use persistent changes with Copy to RAM before).

Next week, I have no simple plan at the moment. My TODO list (actually a piece of paper on my desk) is full of 20 different things, so I'll just pick them one by one and report the progress again :)

Tomas M.

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