Weekly update #13

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

Some say that the number 13 brings bad luck. Well it's just a superstition :) Slax weekly update 13 is here.

There is not much to talk about, though the work involved was huge. Last week I've made good progress in finalizing Slax translations and international support. Slax 7 will be available in 56 translations.

The international support involved finding correct locale settings for all the supported languages, finding keyboard mappings for xkbd, selecting flag image for each country which belongs to the given language, and finally separation of the actual translations (.mo files) into distinct language packages (bundles).

The selection itself is not perfect, for example there are countries outside of France and Germany where people speak French or German, take Switzerland as an example. So I decided to provide Slax just in the given languages (eg. German or French) and also put there the flag of the country from which the language "comes from". So if you select French translation since you're living in Geneva, Switzerland, and thus you're speaking french, you'll see flag of france in Slax, sorry :)

This week I'm working on slax devel tools to let people write build scripts, compile software bundles, and submit their work directy to Slax server by a command.

Tomas M.

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