Console font and keymappings

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

In order to support displaying of international characters on textmode console and provide correct keyboard mappings, I need the folloging information from you - the users:

1) What is your language
2) What is your preferred konsole font
3) What is your preferred keyboard mapping

The 1) is obvious.

For 2) I will need you to run Slax in textmode only and navigate to /usr/share/kbd/konsolefonts/ directory. You'll find there a bunch of console fonts, you can try them by "setfont" command, for example for Russian you will probably try "setfont -v UniCyrExt_8x16.psf.gz". Alternatively you may start "setconsolefont" and select from the menu.

For 3) I will need you to run Slax in textmode only and navigate to directory /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/. There are several subdirectories, you have to find your preferred keyboard mapping from the files inthere, you can try it by "loadkeys" command. For example for russian you'll probably want to try "loadkeys ru" or "loadkeys". You can then switch between english and russian keyboard by pressing Pause/Break key.

So, if you want your language to be supported on textmode console, please provide the info which best suits you. For example, for russian, I will need to know something like:

Language: russian
Console font: UniCyrExt_8x16.psf.gz
Keyboard mapping:

Actually these above mentioned values are just my guess, I need your corrections here. I will add support to Slax for all languages for which I receive the above mentioned info as a comment to this blog post, or by email. Thank you very much.

Tomas M.

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