written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

Old Slax 6 had unclean way of building modules. Everybody could make Slax modules in any preferred way, and it was a mess. So with Slax 7, I'm introducing new way of building modules - by using buildscripts. Users will no longer share final modules. Instead, they will share just the 'recipes' how to build them.

There will be a command in Slax 7, which will help you make modules, and it will be actually the only allowed way. The command will be: 'slax' :) Sorry for the confusion ;)

How do you make a module for Slax 7? Here is how: First, use command$ slax buildscript download templateThis will get you a template script, template.SlaxBuild. You will find many useful pre-configured variables in this script, you customize it so it produces Slax module when it is executed.

After that, you will be able to use command $ slax buildscript upload yourscript.SlaxBuildThis command will upload your build script to Slax server. It is forbidden to upload binary bundles. Only build scripts will be accepted by the server. You will be also able to use $ slax buildscript updateand$ slax buildscript delete
Uploading your buildscript will require you to create password. Update or delete operations will ask for the same password. The module (binary .sb file) will be compiled for all available architectures ON THE SERVER. It will run in sandbox (completely different machine, and virtualized), to make it harder for you to hack my server ;) Also the build scripts will be manually reviewed. When compiled, the binary Slax Bundle will be available for others.

Finally, user will be able to use $ slax activate BundleNamewhich will automatically search for BundleName on server and if found it will download it and activate it right away. Similarly, there will be $ slax deactivate BundleName
I hope to release RC3 version of Slax soon (as soon as the web interface is ready for this) so you can test it and possibly provide feedback on this. Thank you

Tomas M.

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