Slax 7.0 released

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

I'm happy to announce the final release of Slax version 7.0, code name Green Horn. After more than three years of silence Slax is back in action and is better than ever before. Also the website got updated, so make sure to check, you'll love it.

Slax 7.0 is the major update of Slax Linux live operating system. It includes newest Linux Kernel, KDE4 desktop, GCC compiler and lots of other stuff and that all in just a ~210MB download. Furthermore it's available in more than 50 localizations, so you can get a Slax that speaks your language.

Big thanks to everybody who helped with development and testing. The work didn't end now, actually it rather just started, I'm going to prepare Modules section for the website and bring Software Center in Slax to life. The next step, however, is to start supporting buildscripts. Slax is ready, just the webserver needs some work, I think I'll start with this.

If you are experiencing slow download, you may consider purchasing Slax on USB drive, just check the home page and order one, it's awesome device! :)

Enjoy! And thank you once more for using Slax.

Tomas M.

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