Roadmap - the future of Slax

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

I'll try to describe what are my further intentions with Slax operating system and the website This way, you could understand what's planed next and what to wait for.

buildscripts database

I've prepared more than 1000 build scripts which will make binary Slax Bundles from Slackware packages. Those are perfectly compatible with Slax, and are considered as trusted source. The further work requires to find out and properly fill dependencies to the buildscripts, this can be done mostly automatically, just by software. So I'm going to write this software and update my Slax buildscripts accordingly.

Automatic builds on server

All build scripts, including those I wrote, and including those which are submitted by users (using command 'slax buildscript upload'), will be kept in centrazlized database. Yet the buildscripts alone are of no practical use for the end user, as he would have to compile or build the software each time from scratch if he wants to include it in Slax. Thus, I'm already preparing a server environment where all submitted buildscripts will be processed. The environment will emulate Slax very closely (in fact it will be Slax itself running as virtual machine) and the output binary Slax Bundle of each buildscript will be created inside this virtual machine and stored on real filesystem.

Software center and Modules

As soon as the binary Slax Bundles are compiled or built in general, the software center in Slax and the Modules section at will be available, where users can read information about the software bundles and can download them. The software center in Slax is already prepared to offer direct activation / deactivation of the bundles.

Slax updates - incremental and small

I'm also going to release new version of Slax on a bi-weekly basis. The official release will be always the full 50GB of ISOs and ZIPs for all languages. Yet users will get an opportunity to download a diffbundle - a small Slax bundle (module) with .sb extension which will update their Slax version from X to Y. The software center in Slax can detect the version of Slax you're running and will offer you to download incremental tiny update to upgrade your running Slax to the newest version.

Requests section

The section called "Requests" at will be something like a clone of stackoverflow. You surely know that, people will be able to submit their request for help or suggestion for Slax. Furthermore, money will be involved - when users submit their request, for example when they want some module created with their software, or when they want some question answered, they will be able to choose to either request help for free, or offer to PAY for it any amount they want. Other users who are willing to answer the given question or make a buildscript for the given module will be listed in replies. The person who asked the question will choose winner, whose reply answered his question or provided the module etc, and the winner gets the money. This all will be optional, of course.

Requests section - Slax improvements

There are many things I am unable to resolve in Slax just myself. The very same Requests section will be used by myself to list current Slax issues, with price offer. Other users will be able to resolve those issues instead of me and get paid for it.


As always, the documentation at needs to be updated in order to help people better understand both Slax and the website. I'll have to divide it into several sections to make it easier to navigate.

This is basically the roadmap for the next month. Feel free to comment or ask. Your suggestions are always welcome.

Tomas M.

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