Enabling 'slax download'

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

I've successfully created some basic buildscripts for certain packages for Slax. Furthermore the server side is ready so buildscripts are executed on server after you upload them to create Slax Bundles (modules). When a module is ready, you can now use 'slax download' command to get it or even 'slax activate' command to activate it on the fly while running Slax. As an example, you may try:

$ slax activate kernel-firmware

This will simply download and activate the kernel firmware module which is made from Slackware's kernel firmware. As soon as the module gets 'activated', it instantly appears like if it were installed in the system. You will find new files in /lib/firmware/. If you just wish to download the .sb module instead of activating it, you may use 'slax download' instead of 'slax activate'. I guess this is obvious :) You can always list known dependencies by using 'slax info' command, for example the following command will show you the dependencies for httpd:

$ slax info httpd
name: httpd
version: 2.4.3
required bundles: apr apr-util
required bundles to compile:
maintainer: Tomas M
last update: 2012-12-17 12:21:48
categories: network
description: The Apache HTTP Server

There are some ready modules for you to try, for example

$ slax activate perl
$ slax activate python
$ slax activate mysql

I noticed that when some additional modules (dependencies) are needed to be downloaded, it doesn't do that at the moment, I'll have to fix the 'slax' command to offer automatic download of dependencies. For now, if you wish to 'slax activate httpd' for example, you have to 'slax activate apr' and 'slax activate apr-util' a priori, then you can activate the httpd bundle and run the following command to start it on localhost:

sh /etc/rc.d/rc.httpd start

If you upload a buildscript using 'slax buildscript upload' command, your module will be built from it automatically for all supported architectures (32bit and 64bit at the moment).

I'm hoping to make all the modules available in the Modules section of this website tomorrow. Many of Slackware standard packages are not built yet since there is dependency information missing (and the automated build server ignores Slax Bundles with missing dependencies.) This will be addressed later. Feel free to write buildscripts for Slax! :-)

Tomas M.

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