Sign in using Facebook

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

It is now possible to sign in to Slax website using Facebook. After you are signed in, you will get automatically pre-filled Name for your new blog comments, and your profile photo will be used alongside your comments as well. This will make the blog comments more personal, and it will be easier to notice who wrote it.

I realize that facebook may not be preferred by many users, and I would like to add more login options so even people using different social networks may easily sign in. Feel free to suggest your favourite authentication services, I'll try to add them if I can find their API somewhere explained. Facebook is the first one implemented here since their Graph API documentation is very good and it was a question of 10 minutes for me to implement it. So if you actually know where the API of your preferred service is described, please include the link in comments. Thank you very much.

Tomas M.

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