Better Xorg autodetection

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

I had an impression that recent versions of xorg can autodetect everything on its own when no configuration file is present, so I didn't care much about this in Slax. I thought that xorg is a smart system. I was wrong, it seems :) Yesterday I just purchased a cheap mini notebook (netbook) from Acer and Slax wasn't able to start X automatically on this device. What a shame. Yet X was running properly after xorgsetup command. So I started to wonder, what makes the difference?

I have to say that it's pretty odd. The difference is in running 'X -configure' to create an xorg.conf file which is later used by X itself again. One would say that if X can autodetect the hardware to create the configuration file, it should be smart enough to do the very same thing when running without one. But apparently that is not the case, so I saw "no screens found" error instead of X.

Good news is that thanks to these findings I can improve Slax again :) I will simply make it run X -configure first before X is started, to assure that there is at least some config file for further usage.

Tomas M.

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