Slax 7.0.3 with PXE support released

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

A new version of Slax Linux is available for download. This release adds several new features and fixes few bugs as well. Probably the most interesting feature is PXE boot support and improved X autodetection.

PXE feature description:

All modern computers nowadays support PXE, which allows booting of an operating system over network interface independently of data storage devices (like hard disks). Slax fully supports PXE booting now. How to do that? One computer will act as a server, so just boot Slax on it from CD or USB and make sure to have the appropriate boot menu option "Act as PXE server" checked. Slax on the server computer will provide DHCP, TFTP and HTTP services to enable PXE booting for other computers in your network. Now turn on all the other computers (clients) and make sure to select PXE boot in BIOS boot menu of all these computers. All the clients will autodiscover Slax PXE server and will load all needed data from it. Slax will start on all clients over network.

Raw changelog for Slax 7.0.3 follows:

  • - added PDF file with Slax documentation
  • - added PXE server and client support
  • - added dnsmasq, added httpd support to busybox
  • - improved X autodetection by calling X -configure if default configuration fails
  • - added xev, a tool to list code of pressed key, so user can easily remap it with xmodmap
  • - bashrc file has been fixed to properly show current directory on command prompt
  • - fixed cleanup of 'slax' script (remove temporary files from /tmp using trap)
  • - fixed buildscipt checks to allow required bundles with + and _ characters in name
  • - fixed deb2sb (and deb2txz) script to support lzma-compressed DEB packages
  • - run kbuildsycoca4 on module activation to update KDE menu
  • - include in bashrc so mc remembers last directory
  • Big thanks to Manfred M. ( for suggestions!

  • Enjoy the new Slax release, and feel free to submit your comments.

    Tomas M.

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