Slax income report - December 2012

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

When I first started to work on Slax many years ago, my goal was never to make money from it - I just wanted to learn something about Linux and share that with others. However, it turned out that if a project makes some money then it can grow much more rapidly and it can be, as a result, even more useful.

Slax didn't make any significant revenue in the past. It was maybe due to the fact it wasn't marketed properly, or maybe because it didn't offer anything to spend the money on. With Slax 7, I decided to change that. You could already see that at the main page, where you can find a form to order Slax on a cool USB flash drive; many of you received the device already. I'd like to thank to all buyers once more again for their support.

Each drive sold brings profit to Slax, which in turn makes me spend more time on it, which in turn makes Slax better :) I'm very happy to report that Slax project has generated, for the fist time in the history, an income significant enough to mention it. By selling the USB drives, Slax made $4079 in December 2012. That is just the income before deducting the costs, so final profit will be of course lower.

In the near future, there will be more ways how to spend money on Slax :) and there will be even ways how to earn money on Slax. This all is possible only thanks to you, Slax users. Thank you!

Tomas M.

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