Best practices for building Slax modules II

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

I've extended the documentation for best practices by the followint paragraphs. Feel free to share your opinion about them. Thanks!

  • Remove huge documentation. Lots of software comes with big documentation. If possible, avoid inclusion of this documentation in Slax modules. The reason is simple, almost nobody reads that anyway. Keep man pages, since those are widely used, but also just the necessary ones. Some applications may have the docs in /usr/doc, some in /usr/share/gtk-doc, or even somewhere else. Removeing the HTML/PNG documentation is highly recommended. In general, you can keep the documentation in the module if it is of a reasonable size, for example like 5% of the size of the final module. But if the documentation files are making the module 2MB bigger that is should be removed, unless it is necessary for the module to work properly.

  • Keep translations in /usr/share/locale. This directory contains translations for most software. Slax is a multi-language distro and there are many users who choose to download Slax in their mother language rather than in English. Keeping translations will make the software speak the different language automatically.
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