Slax 7.0.4 released

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

New version of Slax pocket operating system has been released. Improvements and fixes include:

  • added 'load=' and 'noload=' boot parameter support to filter loaded modules. The first parameter (load=) affects only modules from /slax/modules/ directory - if specified, only those modules matching the pattern are loaded. The other one (noload=) affects all modules, even the core ones. You can use regular expression pattern, for example noload=kde|devel|ffox

  • better compatibility with ubuntu and its clones, since those have different default shell which behaves a bit differently than I expected

  • PXE now tries to get Slax data over TFTP (from the same server) if http connection to port 7529 fails, so you don't need to have a dedicated HTTP server running for PXE if you don't need the best performance (tftp is slow)

  • fixed a bug which appeared when using from=... to load Slax from a path which included a directory with two letters, like /os/.

  • fixed URL open in KDE (using %u in exec command in firefox.desktop), so clicking a link in pidgin for example opens it in firefox instead of downloading the URL by kde kioslave. Thanks to Manfred M. for the suggestion

  • support for special files in Slax Bundles. Content of file /run/ gets executed on activate, content of /run/ gets executed on module deactivation. File attributes don't matter at all, so there is no need to set them executable.

  • the autobuild system now adds a file /run/requires to all modules which require other modules. This file is used by 'slax activate' command to recognize and activate all dependencies automatically.

  • even more improved X autodetection. Tries to fallback to modesetting driver if X -configure fails to produce a working xorg.conf file, and fallbacks to vesa driver if modesetting is not available.

  • deactivation of Slax module now removes the module file, unless you deactivate it with the real filename as argument - then it is kept

  • added unRAR support (compiled from official unrar sources)
  • provide rightclick menu option to activate / deactivate Slax bundles in dolphin
  • hide loop devices from showing in dolphin by udev rule
  • buildscript now requires description, it is no longer optional
  • fixed korean support (added missing font to korean module)

  • Download Slax 7.0.4 here

    Tomas M.

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