Making screenshots for modules

written by Tomas M. 6 years ago

As Slax users upload more and more build scripts to create Slax modules, it is needed to also have a good and easy method of taking screenshots of the applications. So I've prepared a simple wrapper for this task. Since Slax 7.0.5 you will be able to select Share Image option in ksnapshot's Send To menu, which uploads the screenshot to Slax server. You will be also asked which module you wish to assign the screenshot to. It will be also (of course) necessary to moderate the uploaded screenshots in order to protect teenage children from seeing inappropriate content uploaded by other teenage children :) (a mature human being will keep the porn for himself, she will not share it with others!) :)

So you will be able to just hit PrntScrn on your keyboard to launch the ksnapshot application, click the button Take a new snapshot to make a screenshot of just the application window you click on in the next step, and then you select Send To -> Share Image. The screenshot will be uploaded as soon as you enter a name for the module you wish to assign the screenshot to. Some autodetection will be in place to offer reasonable default value, so for example if you started supertux and then you're attempting to upload a screenshot, it will offer 'supertux' as a default value for the name, so it should be simply enough in most cases to just confirm the default value by clicking OK. The screenshots uploaded this way will appear at the module detail page, as can be seen here, here or here.

Tomas M.

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