Build server was down for a while

written by Tomas M. 5 years ago

I've moved the build server for Slax modules to a different hosting. Due to that, all updates to Slax modules were put on hold for some time. Now it is running again.

How does it work? In general, I needed entire Slax running on the server. Furthermore I needed 32bit and 64bit versions at the same time. Thus the ideal solution was to purchase just one machine, and run virtualbox in it, which holds both 32bit and 64bit Slax versions running together. All modules are built in both virtuals on a freshly rebooted Slax, and once each module is built, the OS reboots to ensure that the currently finished (compiled) module won't affect the next one.

So, there are few modules still in the queue. Will be built soon. If your module is yet still missing within a day, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Tomas M.

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