Application launcher for X under 25KB

written by Tomas M. 2 years ago

I've developed my first program for X. It's called xlunch, and it's a Graphical app launcher, using pure Xlib and Imlib2. It allows you to run a program by clicking its icon. Alternatively you can just type any command using your keyboard. UTF8 is supported. The Run commandline also works as a filter for the icons, as long as the title or command matches, icon is visible.

Size after compiling is 25KB. This is the first step for the next minimalistic Slax, if that ever happens :)

I will be happy if you try it and possibly let me know what you think about it, bug fixes or patches in general are very welcome. I have already few ideas how to improve it, which I have covered in github's issues. Feel free to submit your own issue, feature request, or comment.

Project page:

Thank you!
And here is a screenshot:

Tomas M.

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