vesamenu.c32 boot problem

written by Tomas M. 1 year ago

Several people reported they have problem booting Slax from USB device, with the following error message displayed:

failed to load com32 file /slax/boot/vesamenu.c32
I am not able to replicate this error, so I need your help to find out what particular change fixes it. So, if you are experiencing these troubles, please try the following and let me know what helps:

1) download latest syslinux
2) unzip
3) find file ./bios/com32/menu/vesamenu.c32
4) copy the vesamenu.c32 to your USB disk with Slax and try to boot Slax again.

If this helps to resolve your problem, please reply here that vesamenu.c32 is the only file which needs update. However, it is possible that some more files need to be added, so if only vesamenu.c32 won't help to fix your problem, try to copy also ./bios/com32/libutil/libutil.c32, ./bios/com32/libcom/libcom.c32, and maybe some others from the ./bios/com32 directory. I don't think that those are needed, but you can test.

I cannot solve this alone, since it doesn't fail on my computer. Thank you very much for your time playing with this.

Tomas M.

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