Next Slax soon

written by Tomas M. 1 year ago

I noticed that Debian has updated to 9.3.0 so it's time to update Slax too. I plan to release update with each minor Debian release, if there are any bugfixes or changes (in Slax) at that moment. I will update this blog post as I progress through my todo list.

Currently I've implemented these changes:

- add nicer filesystem icons to pcmanfm
- make xlunch refresh on start to see newly installed apps
- mount hard drives on boot and add bookmarks to pcmanfm
- add @ntfs-3g support, add ext4 support for bootable device
- make persistent changes default when booting from writable media
(and offer "fresh start" in boot menu instead)
- make keyboard layout persistent
- fb keys: OnDesktop Mouse1 :MacroCmd {WindowMenu} {HideMenus}
- reimplement xrandr screen resolution change, use --mode somehow
- add pcmanfm as file manager for GUI
- add wicd as wifi configurator
- update syslinux to newest version
- added wireless tools
- added firmware (free and nonfree)
- added contrib and nonfree repositories
- fixed apt-get alias parameters handling

and this is the todo list for this release:

- write documentation
- inform users that there is a google group
(mailing list) for slax at

I should be able to release next Slax in few days, so this is your last change, if you desperately require something which is not yet on the TODO list then feel free to post comment :)

Tomas M.

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