Slax 9.6.4

written by Tomas M. 1 year ago

After a week of tweaking, I am happy to announce that a new Slax version has been released.
This new release contains many bug fixes and improvements.
List of changes include:

  • Implemented scrollbar indicator for xlunch, so user can see if there are more icons beyond current screen
  • X is now started on vt7 terminal as it is usually the case in all Linux distros (it was on vt2 before)
  • User can select text-mode boot by specifying 'text' boot parameter
  • Commands dir2sb and sb2dir were rewritten to act as conversion utilities (documentation)
  • Added b43 broadcom firmwares
  • Added genslaxiso command to create new ISO file, optionally adding new modules
  • Gateway address is now properly set on PXE clients when pxe server is started in Slax
  • xLunch launcher now starts GUI applications without unnecessary terminal window

I've also added a new documentation describing how to customize Slax

Enjoy! :-)

Tomas M.

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