Slax 6.1 is out

written by Tomas M. 9 years ago

I've been a bit busy (as usual) and it will be the same for the following few weeks, I'm building a new house and I have to be there everyday. You know, the working-men are unpredictable and they require continuous supervision in order to make things correctly.

Despite the lack of time, I was able to push out Slax 6.1, which is mainly a maintenance release (aiming to cleanup some logical issues with splitted base modules). The 'Build Slax' feature should be now working (logically) better than before, since it is possible to exclude KDE modules and the created Slax will be still usable with pure X (using FluxBox as default).

I noticed few requests for kernel upgrade, since currently it has the same configuration like in the previous version 6.0.9 - the kernel is I think it is possible, please describe to me what changes do you need, send it using "Contact" link. But do not only tell me 'enable this' or 'disable that'... rather precisely explain what needs to be done step by step, that will significantly increase the chances that your suggestion will be accepted.

Anyway, the kernel version will remain the same (2.6.27.x) for Slax 6.x. As you perhaps noticed, squashfs has been accepted to mainline kernel (2.6.29). I am not willing to pay for my own LZMA patches this time, I choose to wait instead; it (lzma) will eventually appear in mainline sooner or later, so there will be no kernel update in Slax unless official LZMA is mainlined and supported by squashfs.

Slax 6 is now over. Only bugfixes or small improvements should be implemented, the focus is now on Slax 7, which will contain KDE 4 and newest kernel. This will take some long time I guess.

Thank you all for using Slax!

Tomas M.

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