Are you ready for an incompatibility?

written by Tomas M. 11 years ago

Due to huge amount of requests, I've decided it's time to release Slax with PAE support. Just for the record, PAE makes it possible for a 32bit system to access all available RAM memory, including the address space above 4GB. If you had troubles with Slax seeing all your 4GB of RAM, that should be gone in Slax 6.2.

This change will make Slax unusable on very old computers (before pentium-pro?), so if you need to boot it on such old machines, please stick with 6.1 branch (currently version 6.1.1), which will work just fine.

This new 6.2 branch will be released separately, links will be published just here in this blog. When? It should be in a week. Official Slax remains to be 6.1, available at

Tomas M.

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